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Librairie technique Megger

Librairie technique Megger

La librairie technique de Megger donne accès à une diversité de ressources telles que des guides techniques, des guides d'applications et bien d'autres. En créant un compte Megger, vous pouvez enregistrer vos produits, accéder à de nombreux documents et à des mises à niveau de logiciels pour vos produits.


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OTS vessel preparation
OTS vessel preparation and elimination of the effects of moisture and contamination
Publié : 11 décembre 2019
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OTD Safety Warnings
Safety Warnings for OTD
Publié : 11 décembre 2019
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First trip measurement with TM1700 and TM1800
Test the breaker at first operation after a longer period of static position.Trip the circuit breaker from stationcontrol (Local or remote system). During operation coil currents are recorded by current clamps connected toTM1700 control part or TM1800 analog module. 3 phase timing are  recorded by current clamps in secondarycircuit station of current transformers (in the bay). The “timing” current clamps are connected to the analogchannels.
Publié : 11 décembre 2019
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Instrument category rating
The CAT (Category) rating of a test instrument defines where in the electrical supply chain the instrument can besafely used. This is usually printed on the instrument across the test connections and appears as CAT II, CAT III orCAT IV. CAT I is generally no longer used, as it has no practical application.
Publié : 11 décembre 2019
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Megger has been manufacturing low resistance ohm meters for many years. In fact the first Low resistanceohmmeter was launched in 1908. The first low resistance ohm meter, launched under the DUCTER trade markwas developed by Evershed and Vignoles (one of the companies that evolved into Megger) and used a cross-coils meter movement. Today, Megger has a comprehensive range of Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters,under the DLRO trade mark, providing accurate and reliable measurements with test currents ranging from afew μA to 600 A suitable for many applications.
Publié : 11 décembre 2019
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Mesure de terre: Les secrets du sol - Partie 1
Terrain rocheux ? Environnement urbain ? Système de mise à la terre complexe ? Nous disposons d’un test adapté à chaque situation.
Publié : 26 novembre 2019
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Insulation Resistance Testing of Heat Trace Cable
Electric heat tracing systems are widely used in process industries and have applications in many other areas as well. In general, these systems are used to maintain a preferred temperature. Applications include: keeping materials flowing at an ideal viscosity; preventing pipes from freezing, to help keep railroad tracks, roofs, gutters, antennas, etc. free from ice and snow; or to meet strict temperature variance requirements in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic processing industries, to name just a few.
Publié : 19 novembre 2019
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PAT testing IT equipment
A look at the equipment available for PAT testing computer systems.
Publié : 12 novembre 2019
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RCD impedance uplift elimination - MFT1741
The MFT1741 utilises a brand new loop impedance test technique which provides immunity to the increased impedance effects that RCDs and RCBOs can have on the measurement.
Publié : 7 novembre 2019
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35829 CT Adapter
The Megger 35829 CT Adapter is designed to allow the MPQ analyzers operate with various manufacturers current clamps. This CT allows current clamps that have male banana jack terminations to be used with the MPQ analyzer.
Publié : 6 novembre 2019
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