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MeggerBook & MeggerBook Lite

MeggerBook & MeggerBook Lite

MeggerBook & MeggerBook Lite Software Version 3.4.0


A lot is new in version 3.4.0:

•              Clear and chronologically ordered activity history

•              Dedicated timeline view for single cable

•              Modern UI with two themes

•              Compatibility with the new generation of test vans (updates also available) and VLF testers

•              Possibility to define own evaluation criteria for VLF tests and TanDelta measurements

•              Cable condition assessment

•              Top-notch search and filter functions

•              Custom curve colours

•              PDF import

•              Database backup solution

•              Improved cable editor

•              Cable route can now be drawn on map

•              Additional diagram and marker functions

•              Improved report page navigation

•              Improved distance filtering

•              Simplifications in license activation and management

•              JSON file importing improved.

•              Improved scaling of PDF preview


The setup file below is suitable for the installation of both MeggerBook (full version) and MeggerBook Lite (free limited version).


When started with after adding the electronic license key into the installed software, the software starts as MeggerBook full version which allows for easy and comprehensive data evaluation, data archiving, cable management and report creation. A personal quotation for a certain number of licenses can be requested here . The new electronic license key allows for 3 devices to have MeggerBook full version installed on them.


The dongle key licenses from older versions of MeggerBook are not supported with this newer version. Updated electronic license keys can be requested here for previous customers.


Without the required software license key the software starts as MeggerBook Lite which allows for seamless report creation and offers some of the features as the full version while limiting the data storage options as follows:


•  Measurements, analyses and reports are not permanently stored in the database

•  While cable import and storage are not limited, a maximum of 5 cables can be created using the cable editor  of the Lite Edition


At this time, the software can handle the measurement and test data of the following Megger devices:


Test vans:            Centrix, Centrix City, Compact City, R30, Variant

Test systems:     VLF Sine Wave 45 / 62, VLF CR 40/60, TDS 40/60

TDRs:                     Teleflex VX(-P), Teleflex SX


Note for test systems VLF Sine Wave 45 and VLF Sine Wave 62:


Data of these test systems can only be imported into the software, if the test systems is equipped with firmware version 3.14 or higher. The latest firmware can be found here (VLF Sine Wave 45) and here (VLF Sine Wave 62).
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