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Librairie technique Megger

La librairie technique de Megger donne accès à une diversité de ressources telles que des guides techniques, des guides d'applications et bien d'autres. En créant un compte Megger, vous pouvez enregistrer vos produits, accéder à de nombreux documents et à des mises à niveau de logiciels pour vos produits.


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Catalogue ferroviaire
Megger travaille en partenariat avec plusieurs clients du secteur ferroviaire depuis de nombreuses décennies pour développer et fournir des instruments de test adaptés aux applications ferroviaires. Notre catalogue de produits à destination du secteur ferroviaire ne cesse de s'étoffer. La gamme Balto (page 9), par exemple, a été récemment introduite pour compléter notre offre relative aux tests de disjoncteurs HT. Qu'il s'agisse d'applications de tests spécifiques, comme les tests de transformateurs, la localisation de défauts de câbles ou les instruments de tests électriques polyvalents plus largement utilisés, Megger a la réponse à vos besoins de tests.
Publié : 7 avril 2022
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Guide to insulating oil dielectric breakdown testing – OTS series
Gain insight into the different types of oil testing methods, including oil dielectric breakdown testing moisture content testing. This guide covers best practices for oil testing, the correct equipment to use, and the different IEEE/IEC standards to adhere to when testing.
Publié : 24 mars 2022
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OTS Test Standards
Publié : 24 mars 2022
Guides de préparation des navires OTS
Lorsque des tests de claquage d'échantillons d'huile aboutissent à des résultats inattendus, les causes sont souvent liées à un manque d'attention lors d'une ou de plusieurs étapes fondamentales de préparation de la cuve d'essai
Publié : 25 janvier 2022
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Case study: Misleading line frequency insulation results on a contaminated transformer
A 1978 vintage, 20 MVA, 69/13.09 kV, Dyn1 transformer, operating for a major North American utility, was taken out of service to repair a pump in the cooling system. The technical maintenance team completed the required repairs and conducted a complete protocol of routine commissioning tests, including a 10 kV line frequency (LF) power factor (PF) test.
Publié : 9 décembre 2021
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Electrical Tester - October 2020
Check out our latest ET magazine online. Inside you’ll find an introduction to energy storage and 3 articles on partial discharge (PD) topics including: an interview of Dr Detlev Gross and Markus Soeller, two acknowledged experts in this field; excitation voltages for PD testing of cables, and PD testing for transformers. Asset managers will want to read On-line testing of circuit breakers, which illustrates a pragmatic approach to efficiently surveying a circuit breaker fleet using first-trip and VDS testing. If protection schemes are among your areas of interest, you will appreciate the article on end-to-end testing. And those who know how challenging GIS testing can be will benefit from Boel Ekberg’s answers to typical questions she is asked. Transformer enthusiasts will find The high stakes of ignoring the mechanical health integrity of a transformer very informative and an article about dynamic testing of on-load tap changers useful in understanding the several variants of this test. You will also find inside an article about instantaneous torque in motors, which includes three case studies that will convince you of the value of this test. Another great case study is presented in A toolbox approach to fault location in LV power cables and those of you who work in industry won’t want to miss Maximising security of supply at Höchst Industrial Park. Did you know that HVDC transmission was around in 1904!? Open, enjoy and don’t forget to submit your answer to Megger’s third ‘Geek Challenge’ for a chance to win a prize.
Publié : 25 novembre 2021
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Electrical Tester - July 2021
This ET issue offers tremendous electrical testing learning opportunities:A feature article that introduces virtual testing of protective relays – that’s right, and this method is already in practice today! DC high-speed circuit breakers – where are they found and how are they tested? Diagnostic testing of bushings, integrating newest learning from the last few years – amounting to far more diagnostic successes than ever before. An article that explores the relationship between thermal imaging and a dedicated low-resistance ohmmeter – read why, in an electrical preventative maintenance program, one to the other is the ‘jelly to the peanut butter’. Surge and lightning arresters – not so fast deciding that ignoring them is the best business practice Motor and generator articles x 4 (VLF, partial discharge, inrush current, and restricted earth fault (REF) protection). My transformer is wet! Now what? Foundational knowledge – what is a knee point, after all? All things protection and standards orgs’ work – Electropedia, IEC 60255, and IEC61850 in relation to the smart grid. Plus, get to know IEEE GPECOM and its ‘industry meets education’ ethos. Reading suggestions, historical interest, news and more… 
Publié : 25 novembre 2021
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E-Tray Software
Software downloads for E-Tray products including Smart-Thump, EZ-Thump, EZ-Restore Overdrive and T3090.
Publié : 25 octobre 2021
STX Operating Firmware
STX Operating Firmware update file
Publié : 20 août 2021
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